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The Sūrya Children charity aims to help disadvantaged children around the world who do not have proper family support

The association was founded in Switzerland by Giuseppina Cincotti. Its programs currently support 3 Children's Homes, which take care of 95 children, in Nepal, Tanzania and Madagascar: 

HOPAD Children's Home in Nepal 

Newlands Children's Home in Tanzania

Stella Maria Home in Madagascar

The founding members of Sūrya Children have been volunteering with some of the Homes since 2011. As they returned from a volunteer trip to Nepal in 2019, they decided to formally launch Sūrya Children in order to have a greater impact towards more children around the world.  

🇳🇵 HOPAD is a home for 20 children who have lost both parents or whose parents could not take care of them financially. They are aged 10-19 years old and only leave once they have a diploma and job in hand. The 3 adults who have already left the home are now: an international Sambo-gold medalist who is studying computer science in the US on a scholarship, a teacher and a nurse in Kathmandu. 5 of its young adults are currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in computer science, a training to join the British military and an Agricultural diploma.

🇹🇿 Newlands is a home for 60 children aged 3-20. These children have lost both parents or their parents can not take care of them financially or physically, due to an illness. 4 of the children are affected by HIV and receive proper care by an on-site nurse. 8 of the Home’s young adults are now studying for a diploma, including 3 fantastic ladies who are attending Dar-es-Salaam university. The 14 adults who have already left the home since its foundation are now teachers, tour guides, welders and mechanics.

🇲🇬 Stella Maria is a home held by 3 nuns from the Congregation de la Divine Providence. They take care of 15 children aged 3-7 who were born with a physical handicap, the Equinus foot and ankle deformity, providing them with school lessons and a loving place to call home. The children stay there for a period of 3years before/after receiving a free surgery from a french doctor, Dr Bruno Tillie. Once they are fully recovered, they return to their parents'. Long-term plans for Stella Maria include building a boarding school in order to allow these kids to complete their education and teach them important skills for their local villages, such as cultivating the land. 

Funds raised in our campaigns are sent in their entirety to the Homes that we support, and we verify that these are used to buy food, home supplies, medicine, clothes and school tuition.

About us: About Us


Here at Sūrya Children, we’re committed to investing our time and expertise in order to achieve our mission. Our international team of 8 is proactive and passionate about our cause. We continuously organize online fundraising campaigns, events scattered across the globe (e.g. Switzerland, Italy, UAE, US) and volunteer trips (incl. IB CAS) to support our Children's Homes. Join us in our mission to achieve greater things together!

From left to right:

Alla Gracheva

Maria-Teresa Cincotti

Giuseppina Cincotti

Alessandra Bartolotti

Victoria Maes

Constantin Antoniade de Loë

Stella Statkow

Lea Blommé

About us: About Us
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