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Being a Sponsor is an incredibly special way to connect one-on-one with a child from our Children's Homes!


$20 per month

General Sponsorships are designed to support the child's basic needs. These are used to pay for food, clothing, healthcare, utilities and special activities, such as Christmas and Holi Festival meals. As a General Sponsor you will receive news from the Children's Home and letters from the child periodically.

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$60 per month

Education Sponsorships are used to pay for school fees, transport, uniform, textbooks and stationery. As an Education Sponsor, you will receive a copy of the child's school results at the end of each term as well as a letter from the child periodically. 

Our Children's Homes values are aligned with that of our Charity and aim to make the child self-sufficient in the future, by maximizing their chances of gaining employment in a field of their choice. Some of our Children's Homes' young adults are pursuing a Bachelor's degree or Professional training, while most of our younger ones attend private school.

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