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Sūrya Children supports 95 disadvantaged children around the world in getting the education and care they so desperately need in order to give them a chance to support themselves in the future!

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HOPAD Children's Home cares for 20 children in a quiet village in Lalitpur, Nepal. These children were sent here by the government in case of loss of both parents or by the parents themselves in case of inability to support them financially. It is home to « hopeless, orphaned, poor, affected, dalit » children aged 10-19 years old.  
The Home has tried to find western families to adopt some of the children but the procedures never worked due to bureaucratic issues. It has also launched investigations with the local police to try to find the children's parents but only found them in 1 case (the child has returned to its parents).
HOPAD places the children's education as nr. 1 priority and the kids only leave once they have a diploma and job in hand. The 3 adults who have already left the home are now: an international Sambo-gold medalist who is studying computer science in the US on a scholarship, a teacher and a nurse in Kathmandu. 5 of its young adults are currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in computer science, a training to join the British military and an Agricultural diploma. The younger ones attend a private primary school, trained by swiss NGOs to follow the Montessori model. Its students learn English, Chinese, Nepali and have the opportunity to practice a variety of sports. 
Within the House, all children have the opportunity to train in the following activities: Judo, Sambo, Chess. A judo professor gives a weekly class to all the kids. Some of them have won championships and this can allow them to receive a scholarship in the future.

Stella Maria Home, Madagascar

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